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The 4th European Conference on Social Networks (EUSN 2019) will be held in Zurich, 9-12 September 2019. Continuing the traditions of previous conferences in Barcelona (2014), Paris (2016), and Mainz (2017), and the legacies of predecessors Applications of Social Network Analysis (ASNA) and UK Social Network Analysis (UKSNA), the conference will bring together researchers and practitioners from the social sciences in the broad sense as well as statistics, computer science, data science, physics, economics, humanities, and other areas dealing with network science.

Please consider submitting your abstract for the organised session on 
Sports Networks
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Deadline 12/4/2019

Network analysis has become an integral part in many disciplines of the social and natural sciences, yet has only recently come into the focus of sport research. Given the abundance of connected actors in sport, adopting a relational perspective offers a great potential for integrating network analysis as a methodological approach for sports research. This session aims to bring together network analytic research which focuses on different aspects of sports. Examples include, but are not limited to: 

* Competition networks based on e.g. results of games to assess relative performance of teams and players.
* Interaction networks derived from rule-based elements of a game (e.g. passes) to analyse strategies and effectiveness of teams.
* Inter-organizational networks to study collaboration between e.g. franchises, clubs and event organizers.
* Intra-organizational networks to study communication among team members or within sport associations.
* Affiliation networks based on membership in organizations and teams (e.g. two-mode networks of clubs and coaches), or participation in events.  
* Social environment as a network in which individual sports actors are embedded to study, e.g., social support. 

The session is not limited to any specific methodological approach and welcomes submissions that include the analysis of ego networks, whole networks, two-mode networks or any other type of network that arises from a sport related background.

David Schoch (Mitchell Centre for SNA, University of Manchester)
Raphael Heiberger (University of Bremen)
Tom Toepfer (University of Bremen)
Christina Plath (University of Vechta)
Jennifer Schmitz (Institute of Sport and Sportscience, TU Dortmund University)

David Schoch
Presidential Fellow
Department of Sociology
University of Manchester
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