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The Centre for Networks and Enterprise (CNE) are hosting a workshop by Dr Stefan Gindl (Modul University) on 9th April and a guest talk by Prof Leroy White (Warwick Business School) on 10th April. Please see below for more information. As always, everyone is welcome to attend and events are free. Please book your ticket through our Eventbrite page.


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WORKSHOP: Content analysis and semantic analysis of text

9th April, 14:30-17:30


Instructor: Dr Stefan Gindl (Modul University)




Written text has significant potential for social network analysis, but it requires special methods to make it machine readable. This course introduces methods for text processing that help to unlock insights that would otherwise remain inaccessible. The interested audience learns about the potential of text processing, its applications, and practical methods for their own social network analysis projects. The course presents a variety of standard methods from text mining, e.g. part-of-speech tagging, chunking, sentence splitting, sentiment analysis, and topic analysis. Potential real-world applications are:


Enrich Twitter message networks with sentiment information.

Creating networks from the interactions of characters in works of fiction.

Creating semantic networks from sets of related documents, e.g. Wikipedia pages.

Software Requirements


It is not necessary to install anything, but having a Google account is a must. The course uses the Python programming language and the programming environment Colaboratory, a cloud-based Google service. Colaboratory does not require any initial setup besides the aforementioned Google account. Any software used throughout the course will be installed in class under the supervision of the instructor. The course does not require deep knowledge in text mining nor programming, although a good background understanding in programming is beneficial.


Software used in the Course

Python (programming language,

Colaboratory, a cloud-based programming environment based on the widely used Jupyter notebook environment (

NetworkX, a python library for network analysis (

NLTK, a python library for text mining (

TextBlob, another python library for text mining, partially built on top of NLTK (

VADER, a python library for sentiment analysis (



The Workshop will take place at Heriot-Watt University JN116 (James Nasmyth Building), 9th April 14:30-17:30. Please meet at Edinburgh Business School (EBS) from 13:45-14:15 for arrival teas, coffees and registration. We will then walk across to the workshop suite. Book your free place at our Eventbrite page.


GUEST TALK: Hybrid knowledge brokering in translational healthcare initiatives: a social network analysis

10th April, 14:00-15:30


Guest speaker: Prof Leroy White (Warwick Business School)


To date, scholars have treated the bridging and cohesion approaches to knowledge brokering as being mutually exclusive, limiting our understanding of the structures or mechanisms that promote knowledge translation. In this paper we build on recent research that examines hybrid approaches, encompassing both bridging and cohesion, to explore the development of knowledge brokering activities in a translational healthcare initiative over time. Employing the novel statistical technique of Exponential Random Graph Models (ERGMs) we examine how status differentials, both across and within professions, shape hybrid knowledge translation approaches. Our results attest to the simultaneous presence of bridging and cohesion within networks, but that the power dynamics have a differential effect on the different forms of knowledge brokering. Specifically, homophilic status ties promote cohesion whereas heterophilic ties promote the bridging approach.


The Guest Talk will take place at Heriot-Watt University JN116 (James Nasmyth Building), 10th April 14:00-15:30. Please meet at Edinburgh Business School (EBS) by 13:55 if you are unsure of the location, and we will walk across to the room. Book your free ticket at our Eventbrite page.


These are part of a series of events being held by the CNE, so please visit our Eventbrite page for more information, or view our attached timetable of events. If you have any questions, please contact me on [log in to unmask].


Dr Yasaman Sarabi
Post-Doctoral Researcher

Edinburgh Business School, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, EH14 4AS
tel: +44 (0) 131 451 8018

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