Water Institute Students,

Please see exciting fall course opportunity below.  Contact Dr. Smidt directly with questions.

Wendy Graham

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Subject: 2019 CUAHSI Virtual University at UF

Hi Wendy,


I wanted to make you aware of a graduate course offering for Fall 2019. Would you be able to help advertise this course to our water-related students and advisers? I have attached the corresponding documents here.


The course is the 2019 CUAHSI Virtual University which includes professors from 9 different institutions across the country. Each professor will teach 1 module, and students will select 3 modules (in sequence) to complete the course. UF students can enroll in the course through the Soil and Water Sciences Department, and they are not required to enroll in my module (i.e., they are free to select modules based on their interest). This course is entirely online, though we will meet in-person (as a UF group regardless of selected modules) 4 times during the semester. I have included additional information below. If you have any questions, please let me know! Interested students can also contact me with questions.



SWS6932: CUAHSI Virtual University (3 credits)



September 3 – December 3, 2019



The Consortium of Universities for the Advancement of the Hydrologic Sciences Inc. (CUAHSI) has organized these inter-university courses to enhance the depth and breadth of graduate course offerings at universities across the nation, increase the rate of uptake of new research, and facilitate networking among our hydrologic community. The format of the course is designed to give you flexibility to select the three topics most relevant to you from a list of modules that are being offered by leading faculty in these specialized research niches from across the country. Each module, which is equivalent to one-third of a semester course, is designed to facilitate interaction among the instructor and students and contain some evaluation elements (problem sets, projects, presentations, exams etc.). The instructor at each student’s home university will assign a grade based on the student scores and class distribution provided by the module instructor. The course will run from September to November with each module being conducted for 4 weeks and takes place in Eastern Daylight Time.


Benefits to Students

Access to national experts in specialized sub-disciplines of hydrology

Wider selection of course offerings with greater depth than typically available at a single university

Networking and collaboration with students and faculty nationwide

Greater collaboration and community awareness of research activities





Sam Smidt

Assistant Professor

Soil and Water Sciences Department

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