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This is our weekly update, where we keep you up-to-date on upcoming ACM events and happenings. Remember to join the Facebook page UF ACM to stay connected with us and catch even more opportunities!

Important Announcements!

Shirts are now available in the Fishbowl for active members.  Make sure to swing by and get yours!

Applications are still open for directorship and software engineering positions. If you have an interest in any of the following positions, please select the associated link and take a few minutes to apply.  These applications will be closing on April 3rd.

Professional Director

Social Director

Software Engineer

Marketing Director

Thank you, and here are this week's upcoming events!

Micrsoft Recruiting Office Hours @ UF

Tuesday, March 26th, 1:00 - 3:00PM

Location: Career Connections Center - Creative Nook

Learn about the recruitment process, ask for feedback on your resumes, and ask us anything about Microsoft!

Problem Solving

UF Programming Team

Monday, March 25th, 5:10- 6:00PM; Adanced Meeting

Monday, March 25th, 6:15- 7:05PM; Beginner Meeting

Friday, March 29th, 5:10- 6:00PM; Adanced Meeting

Friday, March 29th, 6:15- 7:05PM; Beginner Meeting

Location: CSE E115

In each meeting we'll be looking at a problem and walking through the solution/technique to solve it!

Updates posted on their Slack

UFPT 2019 Tryout

UF Programming Team

Saturday, March 30th, 12:00- 5:00PM

Location: CSE E115

A 5 hour UFPT contest to decide teams representing UF at the International Collegiate Programming Competition (ICPC).

Casual Coding

UF Open Source Club

Wednesday, March 27th, 5 - 7PM 

Thursday, March 28th, 4 - 6PM

Location: Posted on their discord

Casual coding meetings where people can just drop by and work on projects.

Lock Picking

UF Student InfoSec Team

Thursday, March 28th, 5:30 - 6:30PM

Location: CSE 231

Before computer and technology, security was restricted to lock and key. This week's GBM is on lockpicking, breaking down how it works and how it has evolved. We will also have plenty of locks and lockpicking sets, so everyone is free to try your hand at picking and have a good time! All are welcome and you definitely won't regret it!


UF First Time Programmers

UF First Time Programmers will be hosting their elections this week.  Make sure to check out their Facebook Page and vote!

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