Per the attached memorandum distributed last week by the US Department of Defense, starting April 19, 2019 all new DOD funding opportunities will require inclusion of an Current & Pending/Other Support document in the application materials.  “Failure to submit this information may cause the proposal to be returned without further review, and that the DoD reserves the right to request further details from a proposer before making a final determination on funding the effort.”  Specifically required for inclusion:


For all key personnel and included in the Senior key Person Profile form, you must include the following (note this is “whether or not the individuals’ efforts under the project are funded by the DoD”):

·       A list of all current projects the individual is working on, in addition to any future support the individual has applied to receive, regardless of the source.

·       Title and objectives of the other research projects.

·       The percentage per year to be devoted to the other projects.

·       The total amount of support the individual is receiving in connection to each of the other research projects or will receive if other proposals are awarded.

·       Name and address of the agencies and/or other parties supporting the other research projects.

·       Period of performance for the other research projects.


We remind anyone preparing these materials of the Administrative Memo distributed by Dr. Norton on February 4, 2019 and available at:  Specifically from this memo: “Financial Support” that must be disclosed includes, but is not limited to, the following:

·       Sponsored funding provided to the University that supports your University activities;

·       Gifts, whether financial and non-financial, provided to the University that supports your University activities;

·       Students, post-docs, or scholars working with you here at UF who are paid or supported (e.g., receive salary, a stipend, travel expenses, living expenses, etc.) directly from a foreign entity; and

·       Funding (e.g., salary, stipend, honorariums, etc.), expense reimbursements, travel or lodging costs provided directly to you as a consultant, visiting scholar, lecturer, collaborator, or other non-UF activity or appointment, regardless of whether you performed the activities in the U.S. or abroad. For faculty on nine-month appointments, this includes support received for activities completed over the summer term.

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