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Call for Papers

*Journal title: *Cluster Computing

 Recent Advances in Blockchain for IoT: Architectures, Design, and

*Aims and Scope:*

Internet of Things (IoT) has seen a massive adoption in recent years, with
strong potential and applicability in many domains, sectors, and
industries. One major problem of today’s real-world IoT eco-systems is
centralization in terms of management, control, and access. Centralization
can be a source of failure, high cost, and more importantly, bureaucracy,
mistrust, and privacy evasion. Blockchain is a decentralized, distributed
ledger that promises to overcome almost all of the decentralization
problems. A blockchain is a technology for recording transactions in a
timely-sequenced manner, and with high integrity, resiliency, and
reliability guaranteed by the thousands of mining nodes. Blockchain has a
great potential to create new foundations for most distributed systems by
efficiently establishing trust among nodes. According to International Data
Corporation’s report, many businesses and governments have been moving
aggressively in adopting blockchain-based systems or related applications,
with $2.1 billion spent globally during 2018. However, today’s blockchain
designs and implementations have known limitations such as scalability,
security, privacy, efficiency, availability and dependability. All of these
pressing challenges need to be overcome for a sound integration of
blockchain and IoT.

This special Issue focuses on research and development of
blockchain-enabled IoT. Researchers are invited to contribute high quality
articles on the latest advances related to improving and solving key
challenges within blockchain and IoT, including fundamental understanding,
infrastructure, architecture, applications, and algorithms to improve the
overall performance, scalability, privacy, and security. We also encourage
researchers to submit articles sharing experiences on the application and
use of blockchain to solve problems IoT deployment.

*Topics: *Both original practical work and review articles are welcome.
Topics of interest include but not limited to:

●       Blockchain-based IoT, fog, cloud, and mobile devices

●       Cross-blockchain IoT ecosystems

●       Performance Evaluation of Blockchain in IoT

●       Blockchain marketplaces for IoT Computation, Analytics, and Storage

●       Consensus mechanisms

●       Scalability and performance

●       Auditable Blockchain IoT

●       Identity and reputation management

●       Auditability and traceability

●       Distributed storage in blockchain

●       Blockchain PaaS

●       Applications for smart cities, governments, and manufacturing

●       Blockchain for industrial IoT

●       Blockchain for Internet of Vehicles and Intelligent Transportation
Systems (ITS)

●       Blockchain for Cyber Physical Systems (CPS)

●       Blockchain in supply chain management

●       Blockchain for Autuonoums Vehicles

●       Blockchain for auditable systems

●       Simulation and performance evaluation techniques

●       Supporting architecture for blockchain

●       Experience study of deployment of blockchain and IoT

●       Consortium governance and ownership models

●       Privacy and security of blockchain

*Submission Guidelines:*

Papers must be tailored to the emerging fields of IoT and Blockchain, and
explicitly consider recent advancements and novel tools and techniques for
Blockchain IoT. The guest editors maintain the right to reject papers they
deem to be out of scope of this special issue. Only originally unpublished
contributions and invited articles will be considered for this special
issue. The papers should be formatted according to the Cluster Computing
guidelines (*
<>*). Authors should submit a PDF
version of their complete manuscript via Editorial Manager submission site
at (*
<>*) and choose “*S.I.:
Blockchain for IoT*”.

*Important Dates:*

- Submission deadline: 01/Sept./2019

- Author Notification: 01/Nov./2019

- Final Manuscript: 01/Dec./2019

- Publication: Q4-2019

*Guest Editors*

Dr. *Moayad Aloqaily*, Gnowit Inc., Ottawa, ON, Canada.

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Dr. *Lewis Tseng*, Boston College, US.

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Dr. *Khaled Salah*, Khalifa University

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*Best Regards*
*Moayad Aloqaily, PhD, P.Eng.*

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