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Jean-Paul Bernard shared a link.
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It may be of interest to some members of this group that today saw the 
publication of my peer-reviewed article on medieval inquisition records 
using network analysis.

The article features an analysis of heresy accusations based upon my 
digital edition of the largest known medieval inquisition registry (c. 
1244-45). The data is completely open access (in TEI XML) and all of it is 
available from my site, including the network analysis files developed for 
the paper's arguments (Gephi).

The digital editions and data downloads are at

Rehr, J.-P., 2019. Re-mapping the ‘Great Inquisition’ of 1245–46: The Case 
of Mas-Saintes-Puelles and Saint-Martin-Lalande. Open Library of 
Humanities, 5(1), p.28. DOI:

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