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I immodestly reccomend the conceptual book (no equations) that Pew 
Internet Director Lee Rainie and I published via MIT Press:

Networked: The New Social Operating System

It's about the Triple Revolution--groups>networks, internet, mobile--and 
its consequences for community, family, work, creativity, knowledge.

We've each lectured from it for years -- if you buy 10 copies, you get a 
Skype lecture from one of us.

Here's the link:
   Barry Wellman

Amazon is having a sale. Only US$8.90. For mroe than 300 pp.
(Pro tip: Have your publisher treat your book as a trade book rather than 
a scholarly tip--lower price, better copyediting, prettier cover)

Want to know more? Here's the blurb:

How social networks, the personalized Internet, and always-on mobile 
connectivity are transforming?and expanding?social life.

Daily life is connected life, its rhythms driven by endless email pings 
and responses, the chimes and beeps of continually arriving text messages, 
tweets and retweets, Facebook updates, pictures and videos to post and 
discuss. Our perpetual connectedness gives us endless opportunities to be 
part of the give-and-take of networking.

Some worry that this new environment makes us isolated and lonely. But in 
Networked, Lee Rainie and Barry Wellman show how the large, loosely knit 
social circles of networked individuals expand opportunities for learning, 
problem solving, decision making, and personal interaction. The new social 
operating system of “networked individualism” liberates us from the 
restrictions of tightly knit groups; it also requires us to develop 
networking skills and strategies, work on maintaining ties, and balance 
multiple overlapping networks.

Rainie and Wellman outline the "triple revolution" that has brought on 
this transformation: the rise of social networking, the capacity of the 
Internet to empower individuals, and the always-on connectivity of mobile 
devices. Drawing on extensive evidence, they examine how the move to 
networked individualism has expanded personal relationships beyond 
households and neighborhoods; transformed work into less hierarchical, 
more team-driven enterprises; encouraged individuals to create and share 
content; and changed the way people obtain information. Rainie and Wellman 
guide us through the challenges and opportunities of living in the 
evolving world of networked individuals.

   Step by step, link by link, putting it together--Streisand/Sondheim
        The earth to be spannd, connected by network--Walt Whitman
              It's Always Something--Roseanne Roseannadanna

              A day like all days, filled with those events
          that alter and illuminate our times--Walter Cronkite
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   NETWORKED: The New Social Operating System  Lee Rainie & Barry Wellman  

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