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Dear SocNet readers,

as the interest in agent-based modeling (ABM) in the social network research community has been recently increasing, here’s a call for application for the *2019 Behave Summer School on Agent-Based Modelling for Social Scientists*. The school will be in Brescia (Italy), September 2-11 2019.

Jointly organised by Behave Lab (University of Milan) and GECS - Research Group on Experimental and Computational Sociology (University of Brescia), the school aims to train students on NetLogo, the most popular platform to build Agent-Based Models (ABM), by using modelling examples from social science research.

The programme includes:

The 2019 faculty includes (still incomplete):

Federico Bianchi (GECS, University of Brescia, Italy)

Joshua M. Epstein (New York State University, USA)

Tatiana Filatova (University of Twente, The Netherlands)

Simone Gabbriellini (GECS, University of Brescia, Italy)

Nicolas Payette (University of Oxford, UK)

Flaminio Squazzoni (University of Milan, Italy, School director)

Prospective students can apply for: 

- basic course only
- advanced course only
- basic + advanced

Here more information on fees, programme, and venue.

To apply to the school, please send your CV and a description of the research project/objectives you would like to develop during the school to [log in to unmask] by 30 April 2019. Approval will be notified by 15 May 2019, where registrations will open.

Please, share this call for anyone interested.

Best regards,

Federico Bianchi

GECS - Research Group in Experimental and Computational Sociology | Department of Economics and Management | University of Brescia, Italy | Skype: federicobianchi87 | Website: https://sites.google.com/view/federico-bianchi/

Latest publications:

Bianchi, F., F. Grimaldo & F. Squazzoni (2019). “The F3-index. Valuing reviewers for scholarly journals". Journal of Informetrics, 13 (1): 78-86. doi: 10.1016/j.joi.2018.11.007.

Bianchi, F., N. Casnici & F. Squazzoni (2018). “Solidarity as a byproduct of professional collaboration. Social support and trust in a coworking space”. Social Networks, 54: 61-72. doi: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.socnet.2017.12.002.

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