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Please join us for the next UF Water Institute Distinguished Scholar Seminar next Thursday, May 2nd  at 2:30 in the Reitz Union (Room 2330), featuring:


Todd Z. Osborne, Ph.D.

2018 Water Institute Faculty Fellow

Assistant Professor, Soil & Water Sciences, Whitney Lab, UF/IFAS


Thursday, May 2nd at 2:30PM

Reitz Union (Room 2330)


Seminar Title: Anticipating the future of coastal biogeochemical processes:

Insights from a climate change gradient on Florida’s east coast


Seminar Abstract:  The effects of global climate change are being realized locally on Florida’s coastlines through dramatic changes in coastal wetland vegetation. As warmer winters bring a decline in freeze events, tropical species such as mangroves are migrating northward and establishing in areas historically dominated by herbaceous salt marsh vegetation.  Because coastal wetlands are highly productive ecosystems and offer several significant ecosystems services, they are both ecologically and economically valuable.  Thus, the invasion of mangroves into salt marshes, while visually stunning, brings many unknowns such as how this change in vegetation may alter ecosystem form and function, as well as, ecosystem services. This mangrove ecotone provides a unique opportunity to investigate the role of climate change on coastal wetland ecological processes, and has been the site of several research efforts to determine how a shift in foundational species may affect biogeochemical processes that govern carbon and nutrient cycling. Furthermore, this ecotone has also been impacted by two major hurricanes in the last three years providing opportunities to better understand how increased tropical storm frequency, a predicted result of climate change, will further impact coastal wetlands. This seminar will present results of studies focused on blue carbon biogeochemistry along the mangrove ecotone and the role of episodic hurricanes on estuarine biogeochemical processes within the context of forecasting the effects of climate change on coastal wetlands.


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