Hello BESTers,

Restaurateurs around the globe have been joining the fight against food
waste - from using apps to track how much food is ordered and prepared to
better managing portions served to destigmatizing the "doggie bag".  Now, a
restaurant in Toronto, called Farmhouse Tavern, is truly taking the
no-food-waste policy to heart.  They have a commitment to ensuring that by
closing time on Sunday night, there will be no leftover food or drink and
nothing thrown away  (they are closed Monday through Wednesday).  This
includes a popular Sunday dinner when food is sold at a discount, including
wine from open bottles.  They also don't over prepare food - when they are
out, they take it off the menu.  It is an interesting approach and one that
turns the traditional restaurant model on its side, but it might be a
necessary change for other restaurants to implement if we are to take the
food waste fight seriously.

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 Toronto Restaurant Fights Waste By Chopping Menu Prices Till Food Is Gone
Jonathan Bloom
NPR - The Salt
May 2, 2019