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May 31, 2019


All Graduate Coordinators and Graduate Staff


All Graduate Associate Deans, School Directors, and Department Chairs


UF Graduate School


Updated Graduate Milestone Security and Toolkit Resources



As we gain experience with the Student Information System, we have discovered some areas requiring functional adjustments to ensure data integrity.  We have recently applied additional security to the Milestone Webpage for graduate degrees.  Newly effective dated rows will no longer be available in this interface.  An updated Toolkit Simulation is available at https://learn-and-grow.hr.ufl.edu/toolkits-resource-center/student-information-systems/graduate-committees-and-milestones/ for your reference.


Expired milestone examinations for graduate degrees can be addressed via the Graduate School’s petition process. 


If data entry errors are identified please contact the Graduate Student Records Office

at 392-4643.