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I teach an undergraduate course on social networks and I also teach several
topics on social networks in other classes (e.g. community organizing,
community psychology). I like to use pop culture as an example of how
social networks function, but I am sparse (and dated) on examples. An
example I've been using most is the sexual networks of the show "Grays
Anatomy" to highlight various social network concepts. I present a
sociogram of sexual relationships within the show as a visual example.

My questions is, does anyone have any similar sociograms for other pop
culture examples? Unfortunately, I am extraordinarily out of step with the
current pop culture so if I were to create my own they would be dated at
best (cameos of 90's TV shows, anyone?). I am thinking something like
homicide networks of "Breaking Bad," music collaborations, or something to
that effect.

I welcome your thoughts and ideas!



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