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This is a reminder that there will be a 6 hour workshop on using EgoWeb 2.0 to collect network data with interviews.  EgoWeb 2.0 is for both egocentric and whole networks and can be used over the web as well as during in-person interviews.  This is the 4th INSNA EgoWeb 2.0 workshop (the last two were at NASN).  


The workshop description in the program is below but the workshop will not be split into two separate sessions (basic and advanced).  It will be one whole workshop with basic and advanced features covered throughout the workshop.  We decided to do it this way because there have been changes to some of the basic questionnaire authoring features to enable multiple name generators. Now the whole authoring interface is more flexible (e.g. no hard coded order to ego, alter, alter-pair questions). We structured the workshop this way at NASN2018 and it worked out well.


Here is the registration link: https://www.fourwav.es/view/717/registration/



David Kennedy, Marie R. Kennedy, Stacey Giroux


Tuesday 8:30 AM, 6-hour


In these hands-on workshops, attendees will learn to use EgoWeb 2.0, an open-source and freely available software for network data collection instrument development, network interview administration, and network data processing and analysis for a variety of data collection modes. Attendees will learn to create data collection instruments that can be administered on laptops, mobile tablets, or over the internet. Workshop attendees will learn how to use EgoWeb 2.0 to collect egocentric/personal network data (Session 1) as well as whole/cognitive network data (Session 2). Session 2 will build off of Session 1 instruction but current users of EgoWeb 2.0 will be able to participate in Session 2 without participating in Session 1. Attendees of the basic features session (Part 1) will learn all of the basic features for programming egocentric survey instruments that ask questions about network alters generated from scratch. Basic features include multiple name generators, name interpreter options, and network visualization options. Attendees of the advanced workshop will learn to program advanced features, such as longitudinal, whole network, and a variety of optional question display customizations. The advanced workshop will also give an overview of different options for using EgoWeb 2.0 to collect data (in the field, over the web, etc.).


The workshop will primarily involve live demonstrations and hands-on exercises with minimal lecturing. Session 1 attendees will be expected to have a basic understanding of social network analysis and survey data collection. Session 2 attendees should have some prior experience using EgoWeb 2.0. Attendees should bring their own laptops to access to the internet via a web-browser (Chrome preferred) in order to participate in workshop exercises. Attendees will be given access to a server installation of EgoWeb 2.0 to follow workshop exercises.


Additional EgoWeb 2.0 information can be found at egoweb.info.



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