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For those in the Vancouver area, or those attending the Congress of the 
Humanities and Social Sciences in Vancouver in June, FYI I am teaching a 
two part workshop entitled: *"An Introduction to Social Network 
Analysis" *on June 2nd, 2019.

*Workshop I: Theory, Concepts, Research Design and Data Collection*

The morning workshop will provide an introduction to social network 
concepts, theories, and substantive problems. A brief history of SNA 
will be given and some research examples will be provided. Emphasis will 
also be given to data collection, particularly social survey methods. 
This part of the workshop will consider a variety of related 
methodological issues such as measurement, sampling, data analysis, and 
ethics, as well as the linkage of these issues to data collection. 
Different types of data collection techniques will be illustrated such 
as the name generator, position generator, and name roster. The 
different opportunities and constraints associated with data collection 
for whole versus ego-networks will be considered as well as differences 
between one-mode and two-mode networks will be described.

*Workshop II: Analyzing Social Network Data Using UCINET*

The afternoon workshop will focus on data management, descriptive social 
network statistics (e.g., network centrality, density, cliques, etc.), 
software (e.g. UCINET), and visualization (e.g. Netdraw). The main focus 
will be on using data with UCINET. Limited attention will be given to 
visualization, but some examples will be provided focusing on Netdraw, 
and possibly some alternative visualization packages (such as Pajek, and 

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