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This is a study with a representative sample of a city in the metropolitan area of Seville (Spain), with alter-alter data matrices for each respondent:


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Hi folks,

We're writing a paper on the key study design elements that improve estimation of ERG models from egocentrically sampled networks in population based probability surveys.  The three key elements are stratification and name generators (how many), and for inferences on triadic properties, the alter-alter matrix.

So, we're looking for references to egocentric studies, with the additional requirement that the study uses a probability sample (for the population of interest -- it does not need to be a sample designed to be representative of the entire population).

References from around the globe are welcome!  Please note whether the alter-alter matrix was included, and if there is a paper describing the study design.

Examples woud be similar to the GSS and UCNets, the University of California Berkeley Social Networks Study (in the US).

Many Thanks in Advance!
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