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Dear all (sorry for cross-posting),

See below a request and an offer.

The room we have for the cocktail dinner of Sunbelt 2019 has a room on which pictures/photos can be projected. Thanks to some of you and to INSNA, we do have quite a few photos for the last 12 years, but almost nothing from before that year. So, we ask you to dig into your old files (remember that there was a time when we printed photos on paper…).

How to send your photos: if you have just a few, send them by email (hitting reply on this message) – otherwise, you can send a link to any on-line repository or write to us that we can arrange for “delivery”. Short descriptions are welcome (for classification purpose). Of course, we will give all these photos to INSNA after the Conference.

Showcasing your book
We plan on showcasing books on network near the registration booth – of course, to do this we need books.

If you wish your book to be showcase you can bring one copy with you and give it to us upon arrival or, if you are not coming this year (we will miss you 😞), you can send it by mail at: Johanne Saint-Charles, Institut Santé et société, Université du Québec à Montréal, Case postale 8888, succursale Centre-ville, Montréal, Québec Canada H3C 3P8.

If you wish to have your book back, you will need to pick it up before leaving (or have someone do so). We won’t be mailing back books (of course, if you don’t pick it up we will have some happy students here).

Please note: we will have someone near at all time so that people don’t “inadvertently” leave with a book, but we can’t promise it won’t happen.  

Looking forward to see you soon


Johanne Saint-Charles 
Professeure - Département de communication sociale et publique
Directrice - Institut Santé et société
Directrice -  Centre collaborateur OMS/OPS pour la santé au travail et en environnement (Cinbiose)
(514) 987-3000 poste 2081

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