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Meanwhile in Boston, following similar state legislation in MA-



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Great news....Florida 7th..??






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Subject: Food Waste Friday #365: New York Bans Food Waste Disposal


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The State of New York recently passed a law requiring food waste to be diverted from landfills.  This is the 6th state passing such a law, joining California, Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.  The law applies to any business generating more than 2 tons of food waste from a single location.  They must donate unsold, edible food, and if there is a food waste processing facility (like a compost facility) within 25 miles and can accept their material, they must also recycle their food waste.  The state estimates this ban could generate a $22 million economic benefit by helping to spur the organic recycling industry.  Massachusetts, which passed a similar law in 2014, saw $175 million in economic benefit within the first 2 years.  While landfill bans can be politically difficult to implement, they can be very effective drivers not only fighting food waste but growing compost, anaerobic digestion, and other organics processing technologies.


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Matthew Karmel and Eva Goulbourne

New York Food Waste Law Unlocks Economic Opportunity

June 19, 2019


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