Forgive the typo in the title...correcting for posterity:

Hi folks,

Hope everyone's doing well as this year draws to a close (for those of us on quarters). 

We're going to be opening up positions for Mentor (or Lead) Tutors next academic year, so I'm trying to put together a good set of interview questions. 

If you have Mentor/Lead Tutors at your institution, I'd be grateful if you'd be willing to share the questions you use. Also, if you use scenarios and/or require a demo or presentation, sharing them and any rating criteria you use would make you lovely people in my book. 

Thank you!


Susana Brower, M.A.
Assistant Coordinator, Tutorial Assistance Program 
Academic Resource Center 
UC Riverside Skye Hall, First Floor
Direct: (951) 827-5345|Front desk: (951) 827-3721 
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