Hello Camila,

How do you go about hiring tutors?  We have a student employment page on our website with eligibility information & an online application.  New tutors must be available for our CRLA Level 1 pre-semester training dates (which are listed on page 1 of the application).  Students submit an online application and work with a faculty member to send us a faculty endorsement letter (brief email).  Candidates who meet eligibility requirements and meet our targets for course support are brought in for a 30-minute, in-person interview, and hiring decisions are made after those interviews are complete.

Once hired, how do you evaluate their performance?  We track performance through tutoring observations, peer observations, administrative duties (meeting deadlines, submitting time cards, tracking visits, etc.), and student feedback after each tutoring session.  We typically conduct an informal performance review and a formal performance review in alternating semesters for each tutor, but minimally one formal performance review each year.

Are they hired on a semester by semester basis? Are they "at will" contract employees?  Technically, I suppose they are at-will employees, but we use semesterly/yearly language in our recruitment materials; as long as they perform their duties and fulfill their responsibilities to students & our department, we'll keep them on until they graduate or decide to leave.  Around the middle of each semester, we send a Google Form to all tutors asking about their intention to return for the next semester.

How do you go about re-hiring tutors for the next semester? Do your tutors need to re apply for the position every semester? Or do they verbally tell you they wish to come back?  Pending satisfactory performance in their duties (including maintaining our minimum GPA requirements), we keep tutors on staff until they graduate or decide to leave.  We use a Google Form ("Intent to Return Form") each semester, and we also discuss their eligibility to return in their performance reviews.

I hope this helps!  Please do not hesitate to reach out if I can clarify anything or if you have follow-up questions.

Brett Gray
Assistant Director - Learning Support Initiatives
SMART Learning Commons
Office of Undergraduate Education
University of Minnesota Twin Cities
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