Hello all,
As part of the Past President’s Council (PPC) of the National College Learning Center Association (NCLCA), please respond to me using [log in to unmask] as soon as you possible can.
Just 1 question: What 1 item/topic/discussion would you have wanted to help you during your first MONTH or SEMESTER as a learning center leader? (please include the position you are referring to, e.g. tutor coordinator, tutor, SI coordinator, LC Director, Academic Coach, etc).
If you have the time and desire to include more, please prioritize the information and mark the highest priority.
We will be using this to help guide our work in providing professional development and support to all members in leadership of learning centers and to be shared with everyone on the list at a later date.
Thanks much!
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David L Reedy, PhD | Distinguish Core Adjunct Faculty
E: [log in to unmask] | M: 419.303.1908 Twitter | Facebook | LinkedInwww.ncu.edu
Past-President, Treasurer, Current Webinar Coordinator, NCLCA
2018 Recipient NCLCA Lifetime Achievement Award
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