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Hi Folks,

This is your last chance to register for our workshop on designing,
conducting, and building lab experiments on networks.

We'll be sharing our experience in creating high-powered network
experiments and recruiting participants at a workshop at Sunbelt 2019. If
you've ever been interested in doing online experiments, now is the time to
learn the tricks of the trade.

The first half of the workshop is the *Design** Session*. There you will:

   - *Learn* the *basic design trade-offs *for network experiments and
   their impact on study quality and feasibility.
   - *Learn* methods for *prototyping your study* to ensure you build it
   right the first time.
   - *Learn* *what works for recruiting groups *of participants both for
   free and from paid pools like Mechanical Turk.
- *Receive* our guide for designing and conducting online experiments you
   can refer back to.

In the second, *Build Session* of the workshop, you will:

   - *Learn* the *principles of interactive web-design* using html, css,
   and javascript.
   - *Learn *how to *create interactive interfaces* for single and
   multi-player experiments.
   -  *Receive* access to Volunteer Science to create your own studies.

You do not have to attend both sessions. If you are not ready to code your
own study, you can just attend the first half. If you’re just looking to
take your human subjects research online, you can attend the second half.

*Register Now* at 
Ours is the workshop titled "Designing and Conducting Online Lab
Experiments on Social Networks"

Thank you!

Jason Radford

Jason Radford
Doctoral Student, Sociology, University of Chicago
Visiting Researcher, Lazer Lab, Northeastern University
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