Danna,  I’ve always found great tutors in the adjunct ranks – often people who were teaching the courses being tutored.  You are also close to UT-Tyler, where there might be underutilized tutors, grad students, and adjunct faculty who are interested in piecing together employment at multiple institutions.  Of course, you have to watch the total number of hours worked so that you don’t push PT employees into FT benefits/TRS-eligible status.  You can work with your HR dept. to ensure compliance.


If there are commercial learning centers (e.g., Kumon, Mathnasium) around, you can pick up some people there.  I use LinkedIn Boolean search for almost everything and you can search there for “tutor” and “math” and specify city(ies) to pull up your potential applicants, then connect with them to invite them to apply.  I have found great econ/science/engineering tutors at the oil companies ….and adjunct faculty, too; if your local hospital system is big enough, there are tons of doctors, nurses, and post-docs who would love to teach/tutor in every life science and allied health subject.  Hospitals maintain e-mail listserv’s of postdocs and you can send over an announcement to have disseminated.  What disciplines are problematic and ed level?  BA or MA?



Maria Flores-Harris, Ph.D.

University Recruiter

The University of Texas Permian Basin

MB 4224


www.utpb.edu |Follow us: @utpb  

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I’m looking for new tutor recruitment ideas.  Many years ago, each staff member in our department (not many at all!) called hundreds of qualifying students asking them if they’d be interested in a tutoring position.  This took forever!  In addition to calling, we sent out letters.  The problem with that is not many students checked their mail or provided the college with a proper address.  Next, we tried sending an automated call out with a recorded message asking for those interested to call us back.  A few semesters ago, I spoke with our marketing department about doing our auto callouts, and they suggested we start sending a mass text message to all that qualify.  This method has been my favorite, easiest and most effective to use.  Well, I found out today after waiting weeks for the auto text to go out to recruit fall tutors that it can’t be done anymore because the college sends out too many texts to students now, and they don’t want to bombard them with a lot of texts.  I also found out that we can’t auto call out anymore.  Not enough students fill out applications to cover the demand of tutoring sessions.  I ask for teacher recommendations, but I don’t get enough of those or interest from those students to cover the demand of tutoring sessions.  So, for future semesters, I need to try a new method(s) of recruiting.  What do you do to recruit tutors?    


Danna Baggett
Director, Tutoring Services
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