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Subject: [UFACC-L] Updated Printing and Publishing Account Codes


General Accounting has restructured the account codes for printing and publishing expenses. The 793xxx account series can now be thought of as three general categories: standard printing, specialty printing and publishing fees. See below for the revised descriptions and definitions. Please note that account 793200 – Offset Printing has been inactivated. The printing costs of research abstracts and posters should now be coded as 793900 – Publishing Fees.


793100 – Printing/Photocopying - This account is used to record the cost of all standard printing, photocopying, and related expenses.


793300 - Specialty Printing - This account is used to record the cost of premium or offset printed materials such as brochures, flyers, newsletters, posters, postcards, letterheads, business cards, magazines, Gator 1 ID Cards, and name tags.


793900 – Publishing Fees - This account is used to record the costs related to publishing printed works, digital information, or electronic resources. This includes publishing of books and websites as well as costs associated with dissemination of research findings such as printing of research abstracts and posters.


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