Dear holothuroid fans,

Some of you might not yet have heard the significant news that three teatfish species (Holothuria fuscogilva, H. nobilis and H. whitmaei) have just been listed on CITES Appendix II. Confirmation can be found three-quarters of the way down the table on this CITES website: 

FAO scientific assessment summary, prepared prior to the Cop18 meeting: 
Full FAO Expert Panel report: 

The listing will surely have major ramifications for Indo-Pacific countries that have been harvesting and trading those species. It might also spur future listing of other species (e.g., Thelenota spp.). We should expect to see some more news in next year's SPC Beche-de-mer Information Bulletin.

Much work 'behind the scenes' was done to compile the EU proposal, FAO Expert Panel report and presentation at the CoP18 meeting. Chantal Conand and Kim Friedman both contributed hugely to the process, and the CITES listing is a result to their hard work.


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