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September 25, 2019




All UF Graduate Associate Deans, Department Chairs, Coordinators and Staff




UF Graduate School




Please Update Your College and Departmental Contacts in GIMS


Good afternoon, campus coworkers!

This is a reminder to update the listings of graduate contacts in the departments, schools and colleges across

campus at your earliest convenience:


UF Graduate School's College and Department Contacts


We do so through the “GIMS Access Request” app on the main menu inside GIMS, which automates updates of

GIMS access, contact listings and listserv membership in one process:


                GIMS Log In


Please submit your updates via “GIMS Access Request.


For instructions on how to grant GIMS access to a new user, click on this link:


              Add GIMS User


For instructions on how to grant a new user the same GIMS access as another user, click on this link:


Give Same GIMS Access to New User as Existing User


For instructions on how to remove GIMS access from a user who no longer needs it, click on this link:


Remove GIMS User


To see what additions, deletions and changes you need to make, please view your current listing on our website here:


UF Graduate School’s College and Department Contacts


Questions? Please email [log in to unmask].


Thanks much for your prompt cooperation!