Hi all,

I am thinking about putting together an online workshop or perhaps record a
video for non-traditional older, working graduate students.  Specifically,
we have an online bridge program in an MS in Cybersecurity.  These students
have been out of school a while, have full-time jobs, some have families.
Some have never coded before and are learning Python or C++, for instance.
I know how to put on study skills workshops for typical undergrads.  But,
does anyone have curriculum or resources geared to this kind of cohort?
Any ideas are appreciated.

Thank you,

John Paul

*John Paul Cleveland, M.T.S., M.A.*

*Director, Polytechnic Tutoring Center*

*CRLA Level 1 Certified Program*

*NYU Tandon School of Engineering*

*6 MetroTech Center, JAB 373*

*Brooklyn, NY  11201*


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