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*MARAMI 2019* 

*Venue *

*Dijon, France November 06- 08, 2019*

*Speakers *

·       Jean-Daniel FEKETE < > INRIA, France

·       Ronaldo MENEZES
< > University of
Exeter, UK

·       Tsuyoshi MURATA < > Tokyo
Institute of Technology, Japan

*Registration *

Early registration rate until September 27, 2019 :

Register at : 

*Program *

*DAY 1:   NOVEMBER 06, 2019*


*13h00 à 14h30*


*14h30 à 14H40*


*Session 1: Network Analysis*

*14H40 à 15h00*

3 François Queyroi

*Comparing Static and Dynamic Graphs built from Mobility Traces*

*15H00 à 15h20 *

24 Nicolas Gensollen and Matthieu Latapy

*Interplay between social and financial interactions in a crypto-currency*

*15h20 à 16h00*

*Keynote 1: Ronaldo Menezes*

*On the Scale, Concentration, and Dynamic of Crime*

*16h00 à 16h20*

Coffee Break

Session 2: Social Networks

*16H20 à 16H40*

2 Kristel Vignery

*From networked students’ centrality to student networks’ density: What
really matters for student performance?*

*16H40 à 17h00*

6 Ebrahim Patel and Beatrix Warren

*Resolving false perceptions in social networks*

*17h à 17h20*

18 Annabelle Gillet, Alexander Frame, Gilles Brachotte, Eric Leclercq and
Marinette Savonnet

*Analysis of the 2014 and 2019 European elections using Twitter data*

Social Events

*DAY 2 NOVEMBER 07, 2019*

*9H00 à 9H30*


Session 3: Network Resilience

*9h30 à 9H50*

17 Milo Monnier, Maxime Lenormand and Dino Ienco

*A network-based approach to assess urban food supply resilience: the case
of Montpellier supply in tomatoes*

*9H50 à 10h10*

21 Quang Nguyen and Thi Trang Le

*Structure and Robustness of Facebook's pages networks*

*10H10 à 10h50 *

*Keynote 2: Tsuyoshi Murata*

*Deep Learning approaches for networks*

*10h50 à 11h10*

Coffee Break

Session 4: Multilayer Networks

*11h10 à 11h30*

20 Maria Malek, Simone Zorzan and Mohammad Ghoniem

*A Methodology for Multilayer Networks Analysis in the Context of Open and
Private Data*

*11H30 à 11H50*

5 Stefan Bornhofen and Marten Düring

*Exploring Dynamic Multilayer Graphs for Digital Humanities*

*11h50 à 12h10*

8 Roberto Interdonato, Raffaele Gaetano, Danny Lo Seen and Mathieu Roche

*Satellite Image Time Series to Multilayer Networks: sliding window and
fuzzy clustering-based approaches*

*12h10 à 12h30*

25 Majda Lafhel, Youssef Mourchid, Hocine Cherifi, Benjamin Renoust and
Mohammed El Hassouni

*Ranking movies using multilayer networks*

*12h30 à 14h30*


Session 5: Network Models & Measures

*14h30 à 14H50*

4 Hafsa Bousbiat, Sana Ihadedene, Karima Amrouche and Hamida Seba *Dynamic
Dense Subgraph Mining: A new approach for temporal graph summarization*

*14H50 à 15h10*

19 Olivier Togni

*Coloring big real life graphs: the DSAT-ratio*

*15H10 à 15h30 *

9 Louis Duvivier, Rémy Cazabet and Céline Robardet

*Graph space: taking both metric and probability distribution into account
when evaluating statistical graph models*

*15H30 à 15H50*

10 Max Glonek, Jonathan Tuke, Lewis Mitchell and Nigel Bean *Simulating
Twitter Hashtag Networks*

*15h50 à 16h10*

Coffee Break

Session 6: Mobility

*16h10 à 16h30*

16 Djibril Mboup, Cherif Diallo, Hocine Cherifi and Moussa Lo *Topological
analysis of temporal contact networks based on human mobility models*

*16H30 à 16H50*

22 Muhammad Arslan, Christophe Cruz and Dominique Ginhac *Movement Behavior
Analysis of Workers using Spatio-temporal Trajectories for Safety

*16H50 à 18h20*

Pannel Discussion

Dinner Banquet

*DAY 3 NOVEMBER 08, 2019*

*9H00 à 9H30*


Session 7: Network Motifs

*9h30 à 9H50*

13 Henry Soldano, Guillaume Santini and Dominique Bouthinon

*Pattern and bi-pattern set selection on attributed networks*

*9H50 à 10h10*

14 Roberto Interdonato, Jeremy Bourgoin, Sabrina Gaito, Matteo Zignani and
Markus Giger

*Characterizing Large Scale Land Acquisitions Through Network Motifs*

*10H10 à 10h50 *

*Keynote 3: Jean-Daniel Fekete*

*Advances on Network Visualization*

*10h50 à 11h10*

Coffee Break

Session 8: Communities

*11h10 à 11h30*

11 Oussama Ennouri, Nicolas Cheifetz, Pierre Mandel, Cédric Féliers and
Véronique Heim

*Graph Clustering for Quality Event Detectors in a Large Water Distribution

*11H30 à 11H50*

12 Marwa Ben M'Barek, Sana Ben Hmida, Marta Rukoz and Amel Borgi *Generic
Evolutionary Algorithm to detect semantic and topological biological

*11h50 à 12h10*

23 Zakariya Ghalmane, Mohammed El Hassouni, Chantal Cherifi and Hocine

*Searching for the hubs? Look at the overlapping nodes!*

*12h10 à 12h30*

15 Sergey Kirgizov and Éric Leclercq

*Temporal density of community structure*

*12h30 à 12h45*


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