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As maybe others are doing, I am reading articles about Jeffrey Epstein and his financing/influence of scientists.  I read this interesting paragraph, describing Epstein’s “enabler” (John Brockman), which should sound familiar to everyone here…

“He[Brockman] is, after all, a networkerʼs networker. Based on my observations over the last decade, his whole operation runs on two simple but powerful principles. First, the total value of the network (and thus his own value) goes up if the nodes start connecting to each other independently of him. Second, the more diverse the network, the more attractive it is to newcomers as well as to all the existing members.”
Jeffrey Epstein’s Intellectual Enabler
by Evgeny Morozov 

Recently we are seeing more research/publications about “negative ties” in networks, what about “negative nodes”? How do bad apples/nodes get in, and how do they survive in well-connected “networks for good”???


Valdis Krebs
Orgnet, LLC 

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