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Dear Socnetters,

As some of you may already know, on August 24, after a long illness, John
W. Mohr from University of California at Santa-Barbara, has passed away.

To commemorate his many contributions across several fields, including
social and cultural network analysis, and to the journal of Poetics, where
John's role was a very strong one, we are preparing an essay about him in
the upcoming December Special Issue of the Journal on “Discourse, Meaning,
and Networks: Advances in Socio-Semantic Analysis” John was co-editing with
some of us.

Many of us knew John’s keen, astute, gentle, generous and humorous mind
until his last days, his incredible abilities to learn, to find new
prospects for research, and to put people together for agenda-setting
intellectual endeavors. So, as part of this essay, we want to do something
that, we think, John would himself appreciate: map his sociosemantic
network. With this, we hope to show how he was connecting the field, both
socially and at the level of ideas.

We invite you to join us in honoring John and his memory. If you had any
relationship with John, would that be studentship, mentoring, research
collaboration, editing, organizing, work on a board/committee, co-charing,
or any other type of professional academic relationship, irrespective of
its percieved strength/frequency please send us:
- your name;
- your affiliation;
- a couple of words on the kind of relationship you had with John.

We are quite tight on time given the upcoming publication of the Special
Issue, so if you are willing to contribute, we kindly ask you to send this
information not later than October 1 to [log in to unmask]

Please feel welcome to forward this message to appropriate contacts of

Best regards,
also o/b/o of
Paul DiMaggio
Ronald Breiger
Robin Wagner-Pacifici
Camille Roth
Jennifer Lena.

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