Our Learning Support Center currently uses homegrown Access databases to
track student attendance and participation in tutoring.  The administration
has informed us that the college will be acquiring Ellucian CRM Advise in
the near future.  I'm wondering if anyone else is at a campus that uses
this and, if so, how it interfaces with the tutoring center.

I understand that the system will allow adviser notifications if a student
may benefit from tutoring, but I'm wondering if it also allows the center
to track attendance and utilization, or if we'll need to explore a
complementary solution like TutorTrac in order to maintain this

In case it's helpful, our tutoring is primarily drop-in and group-based.
We do have some select populations like TRiO SSS students who receive
appointment-based, one-on-one tutoring, but this is a very small portion of
our traffic.  Currently we track students' identity as well as the specific
course they're receiving assistance with and, of course, the amount of time
they spend working with us.  Our Access database interfaces with the
student information system so that students are easily able to sign in and
out using their campus ID card.

Thank you in advance for any insights you might be able to share!

*Kendra Perry*
Coordinator of Library & Learning Support Services
Hagerstown Community College
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