Hello to all, We are looking to explore the possibility of providing workshops for students who are taking college credit math courses such as College Algebra but are lacking the basic algebra skills. We do not offer a developmental math course that would address these skills. Our model is for students who do lack skills (determined by placement scores) to take College Algebra over two semesters. The workshops would be offered concurrently as students are taking the College Algebra. I would like to know if other schools offer something similar. If so, what is the structure of that support - once a week attendance? What is the attendance rate? Success rate? Impact? Collaboration with math faculty? Any information would be helpful as we explore the design of supporting our students. Thank you for your feedback. Anna Cortese Director, Integrated Academic Support Services Office of Student Success - Delaware State University E: [log in to unmask] | O: 302.857.6387 | F: 302.857.6386 1200 N. DuPont Highway, Dover, DE 19901 | desu.edu ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ To access the LRNASST-L archives or User Guide, or to change your subscription options (including subscribe/unsubscribe), point your web browser to http://www.lists.ufl.edu/archives/lrnasst-l.html To contact the LRNASST-L owner, email [log in to unmask]