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Dear colleagues and friends,

we are calling for paper proposal abstracts for the Political Networks section at the 14th ECPR General Conference to be hosted on 26-28 August 2020 at the University of Innsbruck, Austria. 

We welcome contributions to the following panel:

Complexity and multiplexity – exploring subnational climate policy networks

The goal of this panel is to explore both theoretically and empirically the role subnational actors for climate mitigation and adaptation policies. Given the complex and polycentric nature of the climate governance structure, the main aim of this panel is to broaden our understanding of the interaction of national, subnational, and local actors to formulate and implement climate policies at the various levels. Social network analysis (SNA) provides a valuable toolbox to explore such multiplex relationships between different actor types at different levels, but traditional data collection techniques such as organizational surveys are also challenged by this complexity. This panel calls for substantive, theoretical, and methodological papers that apply SNA to subnational climate policy. In particular, we are open to contributions that explore political interactions at more than one level.

Please submit paper proposals by January, 31th 2020 including the following info:

papers title and abstracts (no more than 500 words)

- institutional affiliation

- contact email address 

Organizers: Marlene Kammerer, University of Bern ([log in to unmask]), Keiichi Satoh, University of Konstanz ([log in to unmask]) and Ulrike Zeigermann, University of Magdeburg ([log in to unmask]).

Once papers have been selected, they will then need to be submitted to the ECPR via their electronic platform. Authors must be registered in the ECPR electronic platform with the email address that they include in the paper proposals.

All the best

Keiichi, Marlene, and Ulrike

Dr. Keiichi Satoh
Postdoctoral Researcher, Faculty of Social Science, University of Helsinki /
Visiting Researcher at the Dept. of Politics and Public Administration,
University of Konstanz /
Guest Researcher, Osaka University of Economics and Law
Phone: +49-177-5116948
Email: [log in to unmask]
Recent papers:
(2019) Diversity in collaboration: Networks in urban climate change governance. Urban Climate 29. (with Melanie Nagel, Martin Stark, Marco Schmitt and Elena Kaip)
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