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Please find below a call for papers for the research methods SIG conference of the European Association for Research in Learning & Instruction (EARLI) (9-10th Sept 2020, Vienna, Austria). The conference will interest researchers in the field of education and learning, broadly conceived, who want to talk methods. The conference is for all methodological approaches, but we're expecting a strong presence of SNA researchers and are also hosting a one-day colloquium specifically on SNA (8th Sept 2020), including mixed methods SNA approaches.


More information below and at the following website:


We hope to see many of you in September!


Dominik, Jasperina, & Marc




Tidying the toolbox: trials, blunders, and challenges overcome in research on learning and education

Vienna, September 9-10, 2020


Published papers often seem to have research designs and methods that are ideally suited to their studies. Yet, research rarely happens with perfectly executed methods or starts out with optimal designs. Instead, it is littered with dashed hopes, rusty tools, and challenges that are met and bested. The EARLI SIG17 2020 conference seeks to enable open discussions about what happens when the best-laid plans of researchers in learning and education meet reality. The aim will be to open up the research process: which methods worked out, which ones proved wanting, and what did we learn when we used them? Which designs did we attempt, and how could we improve them for future studies? What advice would we give to the junior or senior colleagues who might want to use similar methods or designs in future?

The conference aims to inspire submissions from the full range of methodological approaches. It will include mentoring opportunities for JURE members, as well as plenary sessions where senior colleagues discuss how they go about the ‘craft’ of research.

We seek abstract proposals that adopt a conceptual, methodological, or empirical lens on research methods, and that relate to the theme above. They can be about any research design or method used in research on learning and education, whether qualitative, quantitative, of mixed. We warmly welcome submissions from JURE members, who will benefit from in-depth discussions on the challenges involved in different research approaches, and equally invite members of other EARLI SIGs to join the debate.

Potential presenters can submit abstract proposals for symposium, individual paper, poster, research ‘fail’, and workshop sessions. The format that proposals should take is addressed below. Proposals should be sent to by 16/02/2020

If you have any further questions, drop us a line at [log in to unmask]!



Dr Marc Sarazin

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

GIRSEF, UCLouvain (University of Louvain/Université catholique de Louvain)

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