Greetings everyone,

The UF Carpentries Club is hosting an online Zoom workshop on Sept 28th and 29th

 We are currently in the process of recruiting helpers and instructors.

The curriculum will follow the standard software carpentry curriculum for Intro to R only. The entire workshop is about programming with R this time.

Here are the curriculum and schedule! 

If you are interested in being an instructor, zoom moderator, or helper, please sign up here. Right now today! The workshop is next week already! 

This sign up is to gauge whether we have enough support to run this workshop. We need a total of 6 instructors, 4 moderators, and 4 helpers. Instructors will be given 1.5 - to 3-hour timeslots. Moderators and helpers will be asked to volunteer for a total of 3-4 hours. Moderators assist with assigning breakout rooms and answering questions in breakouts for exercises. Helpers answer chat bar questions and help in breakout rooms.

Thank you everyone for your interest in the Carpentries. We look forward to working with you to deliver our second UF Carpentries online Zoom workshop. More details to follow. If you have questions please reply this email.

UF Carpentries Club