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Dear SocNet readers,

we would like to draw your attention on our call for papers for a session on

Bridging Micro and Macro through Social Network Analysis and Agent-Based Computational Simulations

at next Sunbelt ConferenceJune 2 - June 7, 2020 in Paris.


Session organizers:
- Federico Bianchi, Department of Economics and Management, University of Brescia (I).
- Andreas Flache, Department of Sociology / ICS, University of Groningen (NL).
- Gianluca Manzo, GEMASS, CNRS, Sorbonne University, Paris (F).
Károly Takács, Institute for Analytical Sociology, Linköping University, (S) / CSS-RECENS (H)

Bridging micro- and macro-scales is pivotal to both social network analysis (SNA) and agent-based models (ABMs) (Padgett and Powell 2012). Exchanges between SNA and ABM have multiplied recently. Theoretically, ABMs explain how (emergent) network structures and macro-level outcomes can be linked through micro-level processes (e.g. Mäs, Flache, Takács & Jehn, 2013). Procedures to empirically-calibrate the network component of an ABM were introduced (Smith and Burow 2018), moving beyond the use of abstract networks in early ABMs (Axtell 2001), towards ABMs including field-based networks (Manzo et al. 2018). It is now discussed whether statistical techniques for repeated network observations can be thought as forms of ABMs (Snijders & Steglich 2015; Stadtfeld 2018); symmetrically, ABMs were proposed as tools to increase the reliability of statistical techniques (Daza and Kreuger 2019). ABM is also becoming a pivotal ingredient of network science in physics and computer science (Menczer et al. 2019). This session pursues the dialogue between SNA and ABM by inviting papers that rely on ABMs relating macro-level outcomes with social network dynamics in e.g., opinion polarization, social inequality, social conflicts, or economic collaboration. Particularly welcome are contributions combining theoretical ABMs with empirical data and statistical models of network processes.

Please submit your abstract (not exceeding 500 words) for an oral presentation.

Deadline: January 31, 2020 (23.59 hrs. CET time)

Submission link: https://www.insna.org/call-for-oral-presentations-and-posters

We look forward to your submissions!

Federico Bianchi
Andreas Flache
Gianluca Manzo
Károly Takács
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