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Dear All

2020 is a special year for social network analysis: the 40th anniversary of the Sunbelt Conference. And on this occasion, the Sunbelt will come to Paris. Don’t miss the opportunity to take part in this memorable Sunbelt, and submit an abstract for an oral or poster presentation! All topics relevant to social network analysis are welcome, including theory, methods, and applications.

There are two Presentation Formats:

Please limit all abstracts to 500 words, not including the title (and please do not include references). For oral presentations, abstracts should be submitted, if possible, to a specific session.

Please select the appropriate organized session name during online submission. Click here for the complete list of Pre-Organized Sessions with reference to abstracts. There is an OPEN session available for abstracts that do not fit well within any of the pre-organized sessions currently listed. The Sunbelt 2020 Scientific Committee will create additional sessions, if necessary, and allocate the presentations them. Please note that we cannot guarantee that your presentation will be allocated to your preferred session.

Each participant can be only once presenting author at the conference for either a paper or a poster. So you can be author on multiple papers, but you will not be accepted to present more than one.

Abstract submission dates


Submit your paper here.

Thank you! Looking forward to seeing you in Paris in June!

Emmanuel Lazega and Paola Tubaro


Paola Tubaro

Associate Research Professor
CNRS - INRIA - Université Paris Sud
Bâtiment 660 - Claude Shannon
Rue Noetzlin
91405 Orsay, FRANCE
URL: databigandsmall.com
Twitter: @ptubaro

New publications:

P. Tubaro. Whose results are these anyway? Reciprocity and the ethics of “giving back” after social network research. Social Networks, online-first, doi: 10.1016/j.socnet.2019.10.003 (open access)

P. Tubaro, A. Casilli. Micro-work, artificial intelligence and the automotive industry. Journal of Industrial and Business Economics,  2019, 46(3):333-345.
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