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Dear All,

please consider submitting an abstract for the Paris Sunbelt 2020 session on Revisiting the “Boundary Specification Problem” in the digital age.

Deadline: 31 January 2020

Session Description:
Sophisticated statistical methods, ranging from Autoregressive Models to Stochastic Actor-Oriented Models, are now available for analyzing relational dynamics in social networks. All social network analyses presuppose the specification of a boundary, either on theoretical or empirical grounds. Yet the size of networks available to scholars today has increased tremendously, and therefore specifying their boundaries is not as straightforward anymore. These large-scale networks have drawn attention from computational sciences and analytical frameworks that integrate computational and sociological approaches to offer new solutions. Researchers could, for example, partition large networks into smaller segments for separate analyses, and then combine the results to learn about the larger network’s genesis and evolution. While promising, many new problems and questions arise from this and similar strategies.

This session welcomes submissions that explore how we may use modern computational tools to study large-scale social networks. Open questions may address, but are not limited to

- Community detection and related graph partitioning approaches

- Assignments of nodes to sub-networks

- Ontological problems of using algorithms to define network boundaries

- Aggregation of cluster-based analyses

- Computational demands of large-scale graphs

- Theoretical and conceptual issues of combining partitioning algorithms with actor-oriented statistical models

Organizers: Philipp Brandt (Sciences Po, France), Sebastian Pink (University of Mannheim, Germany), Katharina Burgdorf (University of Mannheim, Germany)

For more information use the following link: https://www.insna.org/call-for-oral-presentations-and-posters


Katharina Burgdorf,
PhD Candidate
University of Mannheim
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