Happy Sunday,

I hope everyone had a good weekend. A majority requested the grad school
panel's contact information from our last GBM, so here you go:

-*Genesys Giraldo*: Medicine (first year), [log in to unmask]

-*Emma Djabali*: Medicine (second year), [log in to unmask]

-*Mingye (Jennifer) Zhang*: Veterinary Medicine (second year),
[log in to unmask]

-*Thomas Dietrich*: Dental Medicine (first year), [log in to unmask]

-*Corinne Hutchison*: Occupational Therapy (first year), [log in to unmask]

-*Allison Bates*: Health Administration (first year), [log in to unmask]

-*Hannah Brown*: Counseling Psychology (second year), [log in to unmask]

All of the graduate students were more than happy to share their contact
information. Use them as a resource to receive any clarification or
guidance on your future endeavors!

Brandon Latchman, Secretary
Pronouns: He/Him
UF HOSA, 2019-2020
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