Back when we first started the center in 1990 here at the University of
Michigan-Flint, we were primarily walk-in.  We had six rather large
cubicles purpose built for the task.  But being a four-year college, we
found more and more students unable to meet with walk-in due to scheduling
conflicts. Thus, we went to appointment based tutoring (we now use
TutorTrac for booking and recording visits).

The upside is students make appointments when they need one as opposed to
hoping our schedules coincide.  The downside is that tutors are only paid
when they get appointments, so  there is no set of steady tutoring hours
for them.  We do have some lab tutoring for Nursing, math lab, and A&P, and
we support about 40 sections of SI each Fall and Winter semester (less in
Spring and Summer), but I'd say the bulk of our tutors' work comes via
appointment based tutoring.  It just seemed the most fiscally responsible
way to go for our campus as we tutor about 100 courses across a variety of
schools (the UM-Flint Writing Center is a separate entity not under our

Most of the tutors are fine with the appointment based system, and our
biology, chem, physics and math people can get lots of work as there is a
need out there. It is more spotty for tutors who support foreign language
or social sciences, as work is not as frequently. That leads to issues with
tutors using your tech systems infrequently and possibly forgetting how
they work or to use them at all.  Not a big issue now, but it had been in
the past.

If you can get people to conform to your walk-in hours and deliver help to
the students who need it, I think it's a great way to go.  For our campus,
however, we just seem to service more people with less waste by using the
appointment system.


Michael B. Kassel, Ph. D.
Tutorial Coordinator
Student Success Center
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On Tue, Feb 11, 2020 at 6:51 PM Condon, Debra <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Fellow Learning Center Administrators,
> I am interested in finding out how many Centers operate with open labs as
> opposed to by appointment only tutoring.  It seems that community colleges
> often rely on open labs, given the number of students taking advantage of
> tutoring.  The fact that most students in community colleges are commuters
> attending to a myriad of responsibilities, prohibits a good number of
> students from making and keeping appointments.
> Do your Centers use open labs, appointments, or a combination?  Are you a
> two-year or four-year institution?  Thanks for any responses.
> *Slainte*,
> Debra Condon, M.Ed.
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