I'm the Coordinator of a Math and Science Tutoring Center that currently functions as a drop-in tutoring center for on-campus visits and has an appointment-based online tutoring component as well. I'm exploring other models to consider for next year, when I may be functioning on a smaller budget. Does anyone have experience transitioning from drop-in to appointments that would be willing to share insights, advice, and strategies? We would probably staff with 1-2 tutors to handle drop-in needs, and cover the rest with appointments, at least for a while.

We use Accudemia to track usage, and are not currently able to use it to make appointments, as our campus does not have SSO. We are in the process of switching from Blackboard to Canvas for fall, so it's possible that we may be able to make use of the appointment groups within the Canvas calendar for scheduling.

Here are some of the questions that have come to mind as I ponder how this might work.
- Would tutors be available for appointments at the exact same times each week, or would their availability change from week-to-week?
- How do you plan/manage your budget when you don't know how many appointments will be made and used throughout the academic year?
- Is there some other mechanism for appointment scheduling that wouldn't involve us spending more money that I haven't thought of? (We do use youcanbookme for our online tutoring appointments, and it works okay-ish on that small scale, but it's not a perfect solution.)

I will be very grateful for any assistance any of you may be able to provide.

Suzanne Rousseau
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Math and Science Tutoring Center Coordinator
Lewis-Clark State College

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