Our social media is student-driven, but it is a graduate student in charge. If I didn't have that GA, I would definitely pay a tutor to do it. I have run it myself and did so for a while to establish the branding I wanted there, but it is impossible to do it right and direct the learning center.

We are going to do some fun things on Instagram like "Prof Pics" (to encourage seeing the professors) and "Tutor Tip Tuesday videos."  The GA will be coordinating all of this. It takes a lot of time. We have the photos and videos and are just now starting to roll them out.

Also know that when someone else is "at the wheel," you have to be willing to accept that not every post is going to be the way you would do it yourself.

Have visits increased because of social media? I can't make that correlation yet.

One brilliant idea here on this team (by a student) was for our center to give out free scantrons for the price of simply showing us that they are following us somewhere. At least we know we are in lots of feeds!


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Good morning,

We are mulling around the idea of having a position with our peer tutor staff that involves running our Instagram account. We want to engage the study population a little better and meet them where they are. We've had an Instagram page for a while with decent traction, but we want to grow it. We've used giveaway campaigns in the past as well to drive traffic. Looking for new ideas. Here are a few questions I about which I am curious:

  *   How does your facility use social media (which types)?
  *   Is it effective, meaning you see an increase in facility usage?
  *   Who operates it (tutor, staff, faculty)?

Thank you all,

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