One of the goals for the National College Learning Center Association is to bring you professional developments in various avenues.
If you have travel monies available, consider the NCLCA Institute to be held June 14-17, 2020 in Nashville TN https://nclca.wildapricot.org/Institute OR, consider the 33rd Annual Conference to be held Sept 21-25, 2020 in Salt Lake City, UT https://nclca.wildapricot.org/Conference2020 . . .
but if you don’t have funding for travel (or are banned from government funded travel to specific states), why not consider our webinars which bring the training right to your desk? Our webinars are $75 each (Members receive $25 discount on that so $50). We also offer an institutional registration of $100 which will allow up to 8 individuals to participate together from one location. If you need more information on these please go to https://nclca.wildapricot/org/webinars which is where you can also register for future session or download a catalog of recordings. The catalog contains options for many webinars offered between 2016 and last month, as well as several free materials.
Next month we have two webinars. The Tutor Training option is a fee based webinar where the participant will also receive the recording, powerpoint presentation, chat transcript, and any material distributed in conjunction with the session during the week following presentation. The Partner Webinar with TutorMe.COM is offered free to all who wish to register. Please review the material below and forward questions to me at [log in to unmask]
Sincerely, David Reedy, PhD, NCLCA-Webinar Coordinator, Sr. Core Faculty, Northcentral University.
Planning for more Tutor Training? Consider this: 
Buffet or Small Plates? How Do Your Tutors Consume their Training?  With Lindy Coleman, VP-NCLCA
Friday the 13th (MARCH, 2020) at 1pm Eastern. 

Are you a proud member of the Clean Plate Club? Happily eating what is placed in front of you, at designated meal times? Or do you prefer the tapas style—selecting among a variety of small portions to create a customized meal? Which description best fits your tutor training? Do you train your tutors at a training retreat, in a class, throughout the semester, or in some other format? How did you choose your method? Does it support your tutors in becoming CRLA certified? And, most importantly, does your method provide hearty, satisfying, and well-balanced training for your tutors?
Join Lindy from the Center for Student Learning at the College of Charleston for a discussion of training methods and modalities. We’ll discuss what’s working for you, what’s not, and what could be better—so come and get it while it’s hot!
Participants will:
• Choose the description that best fits their current tutor training method, and identify the pros and cons of their current program;
• Discover the methods of their colleagues, and ask questions to determine if implementing that method might benefit their own program. Questions may include: How/When do you do it? How well does it work? What challenges does it present?
• Learn how the delivery of tutor training in the Center for Student Learning at the College of Charleston has evolved from 1974-2019, and why the current method supports the CSL’s mission;
• Develop a new recipe for tutor training in their center. Use the following to create a personalized recipe card:
• Ingredients (what do you want your tutors to know/what skills do you want them to acquire/develop/improve?)
• Reservations or walk-in (when and how often will you offer training?)
• Courses or Buffet (how will you provide/offer/serve/deliver training?)
• Yelp review (How will you assess the effectiveness of training?)
Register now: https://attendee.gototraining.com/r/8581860180274455553  
A New Webinar Option from NCLCA on March 25, 2020 at 1pm eastern
Partner Webinar: TutorMe.com  
It's FREE! This 90-minute session will allow you to understand more about the support available through TutorMe.com

TutorMe is the online tutoring solution of the future. Our mission is to level the academic playing field for students everywhere. We do this by partnering with learning support centers and peer-tutoring programs to ensure that all students (including online students) have access to a highly-qualified tutor – regardless of time or subject. Using our AI-powered matching software, students can be paired with subject matter experts in less than 30 seconds. Students can receive help in over 300 subjects via our advanced lesson space, featuring video chat, screen-sharing, virtual whiteboards and much more.

Once the session has been recorded and is completed, it will become the property of TutorMe.com along with the contact information for all registered participants in order for possible follow-up. Individuals only should register! Institutional registration not available. Other enterprises please do not register.

NCLCA is providing this free webinar to you in order to better understand and ask questions about the material offered by our financially supporting partners.
Register now  https://attendee.gototraining.com/r/1813137959582668289   

David L. Reedy, PhD
Sr. Core Adjunct Faculty, School of Education
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ne: 419.303.1908
         Past-President, Treasurer, Current Webinar Coordinator, NCLCA
         2018 Recipient NCLCA Lifetime Achievement Award
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