Well, we've had SI at UM-Flint since 1996, but we did not have it before
that time and I was the person who was running tutorial at that time (now
in my thirtieth year here in that same job).

Impact on tutor usage? As I recall, I really don't think it impacted the
use of tutors.  The issue always became getting students to use SI, not
finding them abandon tutoring.  I think this is the experience for many
programs that offer SI.

Funding? SI has been funded through our program, not the academic

In terms of staffing, I guess you possible could become in competition with
yourself, as you now have a greater need for personnel yet the same limited
supply of talented tutors.  Nevertheless, that really was never a problem
here.  Indeed, it was more difficult to staff SI than tutoring; we hire all
SI Leaders as subject tutors as well, so when we hire a new SI Leader, we
actually GAIN a tutor, although sometimes heir tutoring availability is
more limited (that's the exception, not the rule).

Partnerships?  Lots!  Working with various retention efforts and offices,
working much more closely with faculty, including faculty training. And
working with advisors, who promote SI to their availability.  Working with
the Registrar to note supported courses and help us find rooms for the
sessions.  As to faculty, when we first started SI, we did not make many
demands on them other than helping us select SI leaders, but as we went
along we asked them to take a more active role in promotion, in helping to
provide materials, if possible, for sessions, and of staying in close
contact with the SI leader.

Our addition of SI/champion for SI was driven by my former supervisor from
back in 1996, who was also much involved in our school's retention efforts.
She brought it to campus and had me integrate it into what was then a
walk-in and individual tutoring program.

We've done many local/campus studies on its effectiveness here, most of
which were done by people outside of our office.  They always come back
very positive.  I have no doubt that a well trained, well motivated SI
Leader who understands the program can be very instrumental in the academic
well-being of our students.  That being said, the hardest thing about SI is
getting students to attend!  We've had difficulty with that, so much so
that we have pretty much stopped offering it for lower level maths.

Nursing students use our tutoring a great deal and while we don't have SI
for them (odd, since it was developed out of UMKC's Nursing program), I am
confident that they will be a good audience for it and one that utilizes it.

Michael B. Kassel, Ph. D.
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On Thu, Feb 20, 2020 at 2:28 PM White, Jeffrey <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Hello colleagues,
> We are considering adding supplemental instruction (SI) at my institution
> to address DFW rates and to support nursing students who need to maintain
> 3.0 GPAs. We’ve only offered tutoring, and I’d like to hear from those of
> you who have added SI to a peer learning assistance program that has
> traditionally been focused on tutoring.
>    - How did SI impact the utilization of tutors in the SI subject areas?
>    How did it impact your tutor budget?
>    - Did SI leader labor come out of your own budget or other department
>    or program budgets?
>    - How did SI impact your non-tutor staffing?
>    - What collaborative partnerships did you develop to be able to
>    introduce SI?
>    - What led the addition of SI?
>    - Who championed the introduction of SI on your campus?
> Please feel free to respond to me directly at [log in to unmask]
> All the best,
> Jeffrey
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