Dear LRNASST colleagues,


Even down here in subtropical, coastal South Carolina, the month of  February can get a little, well, bland…


Why not spice things up and start planning to attend the National College Learning Center Association (NCLCA) annual conference, September 21-25, 2020, in beautiful downtown Salt Lake City, Utah! The conference webpage is now live , and as you dream of sunnier days and warmer weather,  you can take advantage of early-birding several steps to get a bit closer to conference:



There’s much more to come—Conference Registration will be available soon, as will teasers for some tempting Night on the Town options. And start thinking now about Submitting a Proposal for one (or more)  Concurrent Sessions—these sessions, highlighting your innovative ideas, initiatives, and research are the heart of the NCLCA conference!


I’m warming up just thinking about the exciting times ahead! Each year, anticipation of the annual conference—connecting with old and new friends, exploring a new city, bringing home a head full of new ideas—makes me love my NCLCA even more!


Don’t hesitate to connect with me if I can answer any questions!






Lindy Coleman

NCLCA Vice President and 2020 Conference Chair

Director, Center for Student Learning

College of Charleston

Charleston, South Carolina

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