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On another list serve comprised of educational developers I received  the  annotated bibliography below of materials addressing the question of impact—and how to conceptualize and measure it—on our campuses. Given that this community faces some parallel challenges to our own in this regard, I thought that it might be a somewhat more practical contribution to this discussion than my recent contribution which could be summed up as a retort of “Justify your own existence/impact!” that some of you appreciated but others probably found not entirely useful.


I was especially intrigued by entries 11 and 12. While our community would point to a different set of “Key Sources” I think considering how others approach this set of questions can be illuminating.





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Life Beyond Grades: Designing College Courses to Promote Intrinsic Motivation

The Key To Overcoming Procrastination | TEDx PrincetonU

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The Insiders’ Guide To Princeton Academics—Add Your Voice!


"A university is, according to the usual designation, an alma mater, knowing her children one by one, not a foundry, or a mint, or a treadmill."--John Henry Newman


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