Hi Kiara,  Thank you for clarifying.  It sounds like your main concern is about some students wanting to see your coaches being turned away when the slot if booked by someone who ultimately no-shows.  At our Student Learning Commons, we have a combination of policies and procedures that mostly takes care of that issue.  Students can either book an appointment online or just drop in.  If a bookable spot is not filled, it becomes a drop-in spot.  We have a well-publicized and consistently enforced policy that says that if you do not show up for your booked appointment within 5 minutes of the scheduled start-time, you lose that appointment.  That enables us to give no-showed appointments away to other students who are waiting and it also results, after the passage of time and consistent messaging, students for the most part being punctual for their booked appointments. As a result, not too many slots are wasted because we cancelled someone's appointment after 5 minutes and they ran in a few minutes later when there was nobody else waiting.  If a student does run in late and are willing to stay until the next timeslot, or come back later that day, they then become a drop-in client and could potentially benefit from someone else's no-show.

As this 5-minute rule is well publicized, I see the loss of a booked appointment as a natural consequence rather than a punishment and enables us to make efficient use of the consultation time we have available.

Also, if someone repeatedly no-shows, they cannot book for the rest of the semester but they can still drop in as they wish.  The next term, they regain their booking privileges.

Best, Ruth

Ruth Silverman, M.Ed.  (She/ her/ hers)
Learning Services Coordinator
Student Learning Commons
W.A.C. Bennett Library
Simon Fraser University


I respectfully acknowledge that SFU is on ancestral and unceded Coast Salish land.

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Hello all,

I would like to clarify that my coaching program works with two student populations: voluntary students and students who are mandated to attend due to their low GPAs via a partnership with UCF's first-year advising office. Students in their second semester who receive anything below 2.6 GPA are required to attend a coaching session that term. The vast majority of our no-shows are from mandated students.

The problem is not how to get students in the door (I have increased our voluntary student numbers), that we are not showing the value of our service, or that we are trying to create hurdles for students to jump over (all of our services are free). The problem is that mandated students are not coming to sessions, which wastes my coaches' time and leaves less room for voluntary students or other students who could have used that time. We consistently have over 100 no-shows per semester, which is over 100 hours that could have been dedicated to helping other students. Our goal is to help as many students as possible, which we are unable to do if we have to turn students away because my coaches are booked but then have those students no-show.

I understand that adding a fine could be seen as penalizing students. However, if they show up for the session they are scheduled for (which is based on availability they provide), there is no penalty, so this should not affect students with varying incomes. If they attend the session that they are repeatedly made aware of, the cost is $0. Students are sent a reminder email from their coach and receive a text message notification from MyKnight STAR. I would not be putting forth a proposal to charge students if we had not already tried other methods over the past years of this program.

I appreciate everyone's input, but I do not want to get too off track with what I am looking for from my initial post. I look forward to hearing more about other institutions' policies so I can put forth a strong policy proposal.


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