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At my institution, all incoming first-year students are required to enroll in a first-year writing seminar course that is a part of a shared experience. Some students may start at a lower writing level course that will prepare them to take the first-year writing seminar course but the number has generally been low. We are currently in the process of some curriculum changes and were wondering what other intuitions where doing in regards to a writing requirement. In addition, we were trying to get a sense as to what writing support looks like at these other campuses. I would really appreciate anything you may be able to share with me in such regard. Below are just some general questions we have but feel free to share any additional information you think would be helpful to us.

-          Does your institution have a first year writing course? Is there a common writing class all first years take or do students take a writing course based on factors such as entrance exam, SAT, etc. ?

-          What type of writing support does your institution offer to students?

-           If there are writing tutors, are they trained in different writing formats (MLA,APA, CMS).

-           Are writing courses thought by adjunct faculty and/or tenured faculty?


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