Hi Debra,
Northern Illinois University is a 4 year+ institution. Our CRLA accredited Peer Assisted Learning program offers both walk-in and appointment based tutoring. With our geographic proximity to the greater Chicago area, we also have a large number of commuter students. Our walk-in tutoring is by far the greatest portion of our tutoring sessions, 85+%. The no-show rates for appointment tutoring is now approximately 25%. This is a concern and I wonder if it has something to do with the nature of the young adult student population; easy to make the appointment, easy to blow it off. We experienced a huge jump in no-shows to appointments when we adopted an on-line appointment-making platform; over 2 years, from 1% to approximately 25%. Our appointment tutors are paid only for appointments kept. It is difficult to keep a talented appointment tutoring workforce.
Hope this is informative.
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Fellow Learning Center Administrators,

I am interested in finding out how many Centers operate with open labs as opposed to by appointment only tutoring.  It seems that community colleges often rely on open labs, given the number of students taking advantage of tutoring.  The fact that most students in community colleges are commuters attending to a myriad of responsibilities, prohibits a good number of students from making and keeping appointments.

Do your Centers use open labs, appointments, or a combination?  Are you a two-year or four-year institution?  Thanks for any responses.

Debra Condon, M.Ed.
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