Hi Camila,
The CRLA Standards, Outcomes and Assessments for Level 1 training includes the following information and ideas for delivering a session on "role modeling".
6. Topic: Role Modeling
The tutor understands the importance of serving as a role model for learners when tutoring.
The tutor is able to explain, demonstrate and incorporate study habits and academic success strategies consistent with those emphasized during tutor training. This may include practices such as: using a calendar to schedule and note appointments; practicing SQ3R study techniques; creating a personal planning schedule that supports adequate study time; communicating with faculty to get positive results (both email and in-person), etc.
Possible Assessments:
The tutor can create a written schedule for her/himself that allows time for fixed appointments, classes, study time, etc. The tutor can explain in his/her own words the process and reason behind this level of planning.
The tutor will create a handout or mind map that explains the SQ3R study method.
Based on a set of “case studies”, the tutor will compose a variety of emails to faculty requesting specific issues such as clarification of an assignment, request for an assignment extension and request for a meeting.
When provided with a set of sample emails to a professor, the tutor will be able to indicate problems with the communication in terms of style, grammar, punctuation and be able to suggest effective alternatives.
The tutor will develop a five-day study plan for her/his own classes prior to final exam period and discuss the key planning elements and points to consider when creating
In addition, I would suggest that you have the tutors begin by creating a list of exemplary academic behaviors,. Then, after discussing the list as a group, ask the tutors to explain how they would model the behavior for their tutees and how they would then, in turn, "teach" the behavior, and ask the tutors to explain the difference between "role modeling" and "teaching".
Roberta Schotka
Director of Programs
Pforzheimer Learning & Teaching Center
Wellesley College
Wellesley, MA
CRLA Certifications Director
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Subject: Ideas for Training Role Modeling
Hello everyone!

I was wondering, how do you approach training the topic of Role Modeling? We train weekly for CRLA and are always looking for new ideas. Anything helps so thank you!


Camila Ayers-Montero
Academic Support Coordinator for Writing and Languages
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